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Core Education, a prominent not-for-profit research and education organisation, aimed to reflect its brand identity and values through a tailored office design fostering creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being.

Inspired by Core's brand colours and patterns, we curated a vibrant palette throughout the space. Sustainability was prioritised, with reused materials and eco-conscious upgrades like modern kitchen cabinetry. Innovative "Dancing Walls" provided adaptability for various events and initiatives.

Core's art collection was prominently displayed, enriching the workspace with cultural depth. The result is a vibrant, inviting atmosphere that seamlessly integrates brand elements, prioritises sustainability, and offers flexibility for evolving needs.

Gaze Commercial bring a professional yet relationship based approach to their engagement. From the outset of the project we felt extremely well supported by the Gaze team. They provided fantastic advice throughout the process, but also really listened to what we needed. The end result speaks for itself!

Connor Phipps, Core Education
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