Addington Business Park, 114 Wrights Road


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Seismic Strengthening

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Gaze Commercial undertook a comprehensive earthquake repair project at Addington Business Park, located at 114 Wrights Road. The project encompassed structural strengthening of the building's first and second floors, alongside essential repairs.

To execute the repairs, Gaze implemented specialised lifting technology to raise the first and second floors. Reinforced concrete blocks were utilised at the ground level to support this lifting process. Additionally, steel beams were introduced to enhance structural stability. A ground injection system was employed to re-level the ground floor, and large reinforced slabs were strategically left in place to bolster stability.

Despite the extensive use of heavy machinery, Gaze prioritised minimising disruption to tenants occupying levels 1 and 2 throughout the project. Operational continuity was maintained, with tenants able to use the premises while repair works were underway. To facilitate the repairs, mechanical and electrical systems were temporarily removed and later reinstated upon project completion. Through careful planning and execution, Gaze ensured the successful completion of the earthquake repair project with minimal disruption to tenant operations.

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