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Port Blakely Ltd, NZ Forestry division, manages forestland across New Zealand, growing and harvesting radiata pine and Douglas-fir sold domestically and in Asia.
They sought to transform their workspace into a balanced environment that promotes open collaboration while maintaining necessary physical boundaries. Sustainability was a key consideration, driving the need to minimize environmental impact and incorporate the company's existing furniture and branding.

In collaboration with Port Blakely, we implemented an eco-conscious approach, recycling doors, kitchen joinery, and reusing existing walls. Strategic design elements were introduced to optimise natural light exposure and offer stunning views, while Port Blakely's branding colors were integrated into the flooring and walls. Acoustic panels were installed in meeting rooms to facilitate focused discussions, and natural pine elements and forestry-themed glazing film paid homage to the company's roots.

The transformed workspace reflects Port Blakely's commitment to collaboration, sustainability, and their core values. Preserving their unique identity while creating an inspiring atmosphere, the new environment sets the stage for continued innovation and productivity.

Top operators - no hesitation in recommending them to other companies looking for a modern, efficient and effective office lay out.  Execution spot on.

Phil Taylor, Port Blakley Limited
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