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First Mortgage Trust, a thriving Kiwi-owned enterprise dedicated to empowering New Zealanders in wealth generation, prioritises personalised client care tailored to individual circumstances. With offices in Tauranga, Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, they sought to expand their Christchurch office while maintaining their esteemed brand image.

Gaze assisted in locating a suitable site, considering accessibility, facility standards, and brand alignment. The design maximised natural light, creating a warm and vibrant workspace. Key features included a staff café with picturesque views and meeting spaces designed for privacy and acoustic performance.

The result is a workspace that embodies First Mortgage Trust's identity and fosters productivity, collaboration, and client engagement through meticulous design alignment with the client's vision and requirements.

The Project Manager was excellent, could not have asked for better!

Jeremy Finch, First Mortgage Trust
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