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Seismic Strengthening

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Belmont Hall, a cherished community asset in Lower Hutt, required seismic strengthening and refurbishment to ensure its continued safety and functionality. Gaze was engaged by the Hutt City Council to lead the project, aiming to modernise the hall while preserving its historic character.

Gaze, in collaboration with Envelope Engineering, conducted full seismic strengthening to meet modern earthquake standards. The project included extending the hall to accommodate a new kitchen and storage area, refurbishing the interior and exterior, and installing new double-glazed windows and double doors for improved lighting and access.

The revitalised Belmont Memorial Hall now offers enhanced facilities and improved safety measures, ensuring its longevity as a community venue for the next 60 years. The project honours the hall's original purpose and legacy while meeting the needs of the 21st century community.

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