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HTC has been supplying specialised tooling solutions to New Zealand industry for 40 years. HTC sets itself high standards for customer service, staff development and performance, and supplier representation. With a strong set of values embedded into the daily work of the team, HTC strives to deliver market-leading customer service and product solutions.

HTC aimed to gather all companies in one location and create a friendly environment where staff from three different companies can socialise together.

The site purchased by HTC provided all the necessary facilities to integrate the factory, warehouse, and office space into one cohesive space, complete with a large staff café suitable for workshops and presentations. Significant upgrades were required to ensure compliance with modern regulations. The primary focus of the design was on achieving a healthy and safe environment for the staff.

The end result is a modern space that complies with all necessary regulations related to fire safety, mechanical systems, and accessibility. The place underwent a dramatic transformation and successfully achieved all objectives.

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