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Gallagher Bassett, an international insurance claims expert with offices across Australasia, aimed to consolidate its two Auckland offices while allowing for future expansion for up to 100 staff.

The primary objective was to merge the Auckland offices into a cohesive space, balancing brand consistency and accommodating growth. After comparing options, they decided to move to a new floor, collaborating closely with us to ensure alignment with Gallagher Bassett's corporate identity.

The design focused on reinforcing brand identity through strategic graphics and colour schemes, creating open-plan seating, flexible workspaces, and meeting rooms. Despite challenges, including a tight timeline, our collaboration with Colwall Property and the Gallagher Bassett team ensured timely delivery within budget.

This project exemplifies the power of strategic design and collaboration in achieving organizational objectives, setting the stage for continued success and excellence while reflecting Gallagher Bassett's values.

Gaze designed a beautiful, functional office for us. The design process was easy and met all our requirements. They understood

what we wanted to achieve in the space we had to work with.

Catherine Stewart, Gallagher Bassett
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