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Pasifika Medical Association, a network of Pacific Health Professionals, collaborates to bolster the Pacific health workforce and address the health needs of Pacific people.

Our objective was to design a healthcare facility reflecting Pasifika values like family orientation, warmth, and inclusivity, while integrating technology for virtual consultations. Inspired by the Association's vision, our team embarked on reimagining healthcare spaces prioritising patient comfort, family-centred care, and innovation.

The design focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere akin to a family-oriented environment. A 'welcome kiosk' replaced the traditional reception, while a self-serve café enhanced convenience and hospitality in the waiting area. Talanoa rooms, resembling living rooms, offered private spaces for discussions with doctors, fostering open communication. Patient rooms were equipped with video conferencing for virtual consultations, promoting accessibility.

The design emphasised warmth and comfort, departing from the institutional feel of medical facilities, to create a calming environment for patients and families. This transformation exemplifies design's power in prioritising patient comfort, family-centred care, and technological innovation.

By infusing warmth, hospitality, and inclusivity, we've created a space that not only meets the highest care standards but also embodies Pasifika values of community and well-being.

They are very efficient, and their project management is absolutely superb. They deliver on time, on budget and with good grace. We couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Debbie Sorensen, CEO
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