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James & Wells, a leading independent intellectual property practice in New Zealand and Australia, engaged Gaze for their relocation to a prime location in the heart of the Christchurch CBD. The brief was to incorporate corporate elements from their Auckland office while complementing the architecture of the new building.

Gaze designed a versatile workspace with features like a bi-folding glazed partition wall for larger functions, a multifunctional quiet space, and adjustable furniture and joinery for flexibility. Integrated whitegoods and fold-away doors were used to conceal appliances, optimising space when not in use. The reception area partition created a natural divide while maintaining an open flow for visitors and clients.

The result is a modern and adaptable office space that reflects James & Wells' corporate identity and meets their functional requirements. The design seamlessly integrates versatile features to accommodate various working styles and events. The welcoming reception area enhances the client experience while maintaining an open and collaborative environment for staff.

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